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The picture shows a young girl. She’s wearing sports clothes and she’s holding a basketball. She’s sitting on a bench. Her outfit is fashionable and very colorful. She’s not smiling, but she looks glad. She seems to be thinking about something. She might be waiting for her friends to come so they could play together. It’s a gorgeous sunny day. I presume it’s summer o spring.

Who is the girl waiting for?

As I mentioned before, I think she is waiting for her friends. They may be in a school team and they are training before the important game or they may just want to relax after school.

Why do people choose to spend time outdoors?

Nowadays you can see a lot of people spending time outdoors. They go running o just for a walk. I believe that they miss sunlight and fresh air. People are more focused on their health and well-being. I think these are the most significant reasons.

Tell us about the last time you play with your friends in the fresh air?

Last time when I was having fun with my friends in the fresh air was in January. The snow had fallen the previous night and we were having fun sleighing and throwing snowballs. We also built a huge snowman. We played as if we were small kids. It was amazing!

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