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I am guessing that the picture was taken during a sport competition. I can see 3 people on wheelchairs. The girl in the foreground is smiling. It looks that she’s having a lot of fun. In the background there are two other people. I’m sure it’s the competing team because they have green T-shirts and the girl’s T-shirt is red. She might be happy because her team won. There is also an audience supporting and watching the athletes.


Do you think people on the wheelchairs are enjoying the competition? Why? Why not?

The girl is definitely happy, you can see it on her face. Perhaps she has just scored or her team has just won the game. I am not sure if the two men in the background are happy. They look as if they were arguing. As far as I am concerned they lost and now they aren’t enjoying it at all.


Is it important for disabled people to compete in sports? Why? Why not?

It is really important from my point of view. Firstly, they should exercise to keep their bodies in good physical condition. Moreover being unable to walk does not eliminate the chance of their doing sports. I must admit that I really admire them, because they are actually more fit than I am, despite their disability.


What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

As I have just mentioned I am not into sports. I don’t work out a lot although I ride my bike to school, so I hope this counts. In order to stay fit and healthy I follow a diet. It’s well-balanced. I am trying to avoid sweets and generally reduce carbohydrates intake. I also drink much water because it cleanse my body and keeps me hydrated.


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