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Który z powyższych sposobów ochrony środowiska wydaje ci się najkorzystniejszy dla społeczeństwa? Uzasadnij swój wybór. Wyjaśnij dlaczego odrzucasz dwie pozostałe opcje.

As far as I’m concerned third picture shows the way of protecting the environment that is available for everyone. We all can segregate the waste. There are many advantages. We can recycle materials such as glass, or paper and save money on producing it from scratch. Moreover, recycling can reduce the usage of natural resources. It may slow down deforestation and in consequence limit the greenhouse effect.


I would choose pictures one and two, because no everyone is able to use these methods. Some people just can’t commute to work or school using bike. There methods – using bikes instead of cars and windmill to produce energy require proper weather conditions. We can’t always count on that.


What can you do in your everyday life to protect the environment?

There are many simple activities we can perform. Segregating garbage is one of them. Everyone should also save water and energy. Simple things like turning off the lights in an empty room or changing the bulbs in our homes can significantly affect the amount of electricity our society uses. People may also use public transportation or bikes if possible. This will decrease fumes emission. These are little steps but if we all did it the Earth would be much cleaner.


What can be done to increase people’s awareness in terms of being eco-friendly?

In my opinion we should start from small children and teach them in kindergartens and schools how to protect our planet. There have to be more online campaign spreading the knowledge about being eco-friendly. I am sure that if people know the possible effects of their current behaviors they may be more willing to change these habits.


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