Genialny synonim do COMPLETELTY.

Dzisiaj w Śniadaniu z Winiarską mówiłam o poniższych dwóch słówkach.


Wymowa: UK: /ˈʌt.ər/; US: /ˈʌ.t̬ɚ/

Znaczenie: całkowity;

Definicja: „complete or extreme”*

Synonimy**: complete, total, absolute, thorough, perfect, downright, out-and-out, outright, thoroughgoing, all-out, sheer, positive, prize, rank, pure, dyed-in-the-wool, deep-dyed, real, veritable, consummate, categorical, unmitigated, unqualified, unadulterated, unalloyed, unconditional, unequivocal, full, unlimited, limitless, infinite, ultimate

Przykładowe zdania: 

  1. Watching this movie was an utter waste of time.
  2. That dinner was an utter pleasure.


Wymowa: UK: /ˈʌt.ərli/; US: /ˈʌ.t̬ɚli/

Znaczenie: całkowicie,

Definicja: „completely or extremely”*

Synonimy**:  completely, totally, absolutely, entirely, wholly, fully, thoroughly, quite, altogether, one hundred per cent, downright, outright, unqualifiedly, in all respects, unconditionally, perfectly, implicitly, unrestrictedly, really, veritably, categorically, consummately, undisputedly, unmitigatedly, wholeheartedly, radically, stark, just, to the hilt, to the core, all the way, to the maximum extent, extremely, infinitely, unlimitedly, limitlessly, ultimately

Przykładowe zdania: 

  1. You utterly gorgeous.
  2. It was an utterly stupid thing to do!


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**Synonimy wg.

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